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Interviewing Well

I have just sat in two days of interviewing applicant for an executive position. Many good questions were asked by the interviewers but the one question/approach that is discussed in the article One Interview Question That Reveals a Superstar Job Candidate seems like … Continue reading

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Dead-end Jobs & Leadership

Many people feel caught in a what they consider to be dead-end jobs and feel that there is no way out of them. This article, “Stuck in a Dead End Job? It Could be Your Fault” discusses how being stuck in a dead-end job … Continue reading

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How Will You Manage?

The following video presentation provides an interesting overview of issues that leaders and managers of the 21st century will need to be prepared to address.

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Shift Happens – Did You Know?

I thought that the information in this brief video was an interesting commentary on the work we have to do to bring our country back to its position of strength and innovation. Change requires leadership.Who will lead and who will … Continue reading

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How to make work-life balance work

Finding the balance between personal and work lives has been a struggle for workers for centuries. Now with the advent of modern technologies, the balance of work and personal lives have become more difficult. According to the video description, work-life … Continue reading

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Why work doesn’t happen at work

This is an interesting presentation that brings to light various distractions at work and how to overcome them in order to be more productive and enjoy your work time more. In this brief presentation Jason Fried presents a radical theory … Continue reading

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How to Manage the 21st Century Workforce

I wanted to share a presentation on the changes in the workforce as we continue through the 21st century.  (4:18 minutes)

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